About Integra Guardians

Integra Guardians Provides a Wide Range of Care Options for Seniors and the Disabled.

Integra Guardians is a for-profit corporation employing Professional Guardians and support staff to provide a wide range of care options for anyone who needs assistance with daily living. Our service area is all of Charlotte County.

Meet Our Professional Guardians

Our professional guardians have a wide range of experience in health care, finance and estate management, particularly with the elderly. In addition, we work with a strong and skilled network of professionals in the medical, home health care, finance and legal professions. We have ongoing contractual relationships with area Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our guardians are registered in Charlotte County and fully bonded. We are a local company, with offices in Punta Gorda.

Chrisanna Wright, RD/LD, LMHC, Professional Guardian

  • 20 Years Experience Working with the Elderly in Nursing Home Settings.
  • 12 Years Experience as a Mental Health Therapist
  • Skilled and Credentialed in Dietetics, and Mental Health
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Baker Act Evaluator
  • Incapacity Examining Committee Member
  • Ongoing Contracts with Area Nursing Homes
  • Experienced Trust Administrator

Terrance Wright, MS, MBA, Professional Guardian

  • Over 5 years experience in caring for the Terminally Ill
  • Over 25 years experience caring for the Disabled
  • Experienced Health Care Surrogate
  • Hospice Experience
  • Experienced in Managing Estates
  • Experienced Trust Administrator
  • Experienced in Administration of Wills
  • Experienced in Financial Management

Offices are located in downtown Punta Gorda, Florida, in the Chamber of Commerce Building, 252 West Marion Ave., Suite 1133.